Humble River Shakespeare – Home of The Best Theatrical Performances

Humble River Shakespeare – Home of The Best Theatrical Performances

Humble River Shakespeare is home to the best theatrical performances humanity has ever seen. The details of the narrations done here are unique, and the moments unmatched. One thing that is constant in their work is the cast having passion and loving what they do.

The Humble River Shakespeare conducts their tours annually. This way, they get to bring an unforgettable experience to their clients and, in the process, capture the hearts of new ones. The tour takes about a month, and this is more than enough time to watch as many plays as you can.

The Performances

Their work features a variety of performances and art. For instance, they do love, marriage, trickery, rowdy and hilarious set plays. The whole cast is gifted, and you are going to love every moment.

The team dedicated itself to educating the community by addressing issues that they are currently facing. Humble River Shakespeare tries to focus on how each of us can contribute to making a better world.

It is wonderful how they can mix their educational themes with humour and drama.

Humble River Shakespeare Workshop

Humble River Shakespeare takes a step further to offer in-class student workshops to assist teachers in implementing the Social Studies curriculum. The program aims to help students in Grade 3 to 8 in their studies.

Students benefit a lot since they use drama to capture the students' attention then pass on information. The main topic featured in these workshops is early Canadian history.

There is also a workshop program aimed at helping teachers teach effectively. The program teaches mainly about role-play, where participants learn how to develop critical thinking skills in their students.

These programs prove to be a success as there is positive feedback stating how useful they are. Humble River Shakespeare tends to include guest artists who specialize in specific areas and have a deeper understanding of their respective fields.

The Playshops

Humble River Shakespeare focuses on Shakespeare's work, and the artists allow the students to understand the meaning of his words. The playshops are a good way of introducing learners to the various Shakespeare's themes and language.

However, these events benefit mostly grade 7 learners and above. The professional actors are well trained to conduct theatrical performances that the students will find enjoyable. With their vast knowledge, they can also be creative and implement unique teaching strategies.

The playshops mainly focus on the three themes that are:

  • Beginning with the Bard that explores Shakespeare's language and its meaning.
  • Speak the Speech that teaches learners how to speak like Shakespeare.
  • Page to Stage, where they get to understand his stagecraft and theatre practices.

Acting Classes Are Also Available

Humble River Shakespeare provides acting classes to students and teachers yearly. These classes introduce the challenges and delights of performing Shakespeare's texts.

The acting classes are under the instruction of a well-experienced instructor who introduces you to the tools and insight that will help you perform better. Also, the student gets to learn and improve on physical stamina, mental vigour, and creative thinking inspired by Shakespeare's work.

This acting program consists of two main parts. The first mainly focuses on monologue since new actors tend to master it better.

The second part focuses on scenes. Here students learn everything about the stage, such as positioning and transitioning.

Support The Cause

Humble River Shakespeare has a Support program for those who wish to assist them in their adventure by making tax-deductible donations. The support they get is what allows them to acquire better tools to provide quality services.

These donations help cover some of their major expenses. The team cannot perform its best without support.

Think of it as a way of giving back to the community. The money you send is going to change students' lives for the better.

Join The Mailing List

Humble River Shakespeare's mailing list is a great place to learn about the new offers and schedules. Here, you will also get notified of discounts and promotions.

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